J. Cole gives Album Release Date....Kinda (Video)


 J. Cole sits with Jenny Boom Boom and discuss his Album, Says that Jay-Z is impressed with his Debut Album; Which he hopes will be out on October 26th (or sooner).


RIck Ross ft. Curren$y, Wiz khalifa & Ne-Yo - Super High (Sativa Remix)

I think I’m Paul Pierce, I think I’m Rondo, high off that Headband, you dying off that Hydro!

Rick Ross uses his mind and gets two of the Greatest smokers of our time for the Super High Remix, Get lifted.

Video: Drake & Young Jeezy BET Awards Rehearsal


Young Jeezy x Drake: BET Rehearsal 2010 from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

BET Rehearsals! Drake tells Young that he was in the Studio until 9am and had 2 Verses ready for the Lose My Mind Remix .

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Jordan Retro 9 (IX) Black/Red [Pics & Release Date]


The Jordan 9 is releasing Classic Colors all Summer, Well Guess what? You can expect some Classic's in the Fall too. FLUL just announced that the BLK/RED colorway will be releasing this Fall on September 4th.

Shouts to FLUL

Continue reading for more pics. . . . .

Video: J. Cole BET Music Matters Performance


 J. Cole performs "A Star Is Born" with an added verse as a part of BET’s Music Matters initiative. 

Exclusive Interview after the jump . . . .

Young Jeezy feat. Drake - Lose My Mind (Remix)


Premiered earlier on the BET Awards. #str8Crack!

Download: Young Jeezy feat. Drake - Lose My Mind (Remix)

Young Jeezy feat. Big Meech - B.M.F (The Real Blowin Money Fast)


Young Jeezy shows the World who the Real Big Meech is and puts him on the track while calling from jail.

Will Rick Ross feel some type of way about this?

Download: Young Jeezy feat. Big Meech - B.M.F (The Real Blowin Money Fast)

Curren$y feat. Mos Def & Jay Electronica - The Day


Wow..These 3 are rumored to have an upcoming group called Center Edge Territory, And if this is the preview of the Music they are going to be droppin' then I'm lookin forward to their Album.

Download: Curren$y feat. Mos Def & Jay Electronica [Prod. by Ski Beatz]

The Diplomats (Cam'rom, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana) - Salute [CDQ]


 I don't really think this Dipset Reunion this is gonna work out with Vado in the picture & all....But anyway here's the link....

Dipset (Cam'ron, Jim Jones, & Juelz Santana) [Produced by araabMuzik]

Drake admits to taking Big Sean flow (Via allhiphop.com)!!

AllHipHop.com: How much do Young Money artists bounce off each other? I noticed you have similar inflections and cadences or rhyme patterns. I noticed this one thing that Nicki said, “It’s going down. Basement.”
Drake: Well, that flow has been killed by so many rappers. And, I never want to use that flow again in life. [Laughs] I wanted to take if off my album, because I was like, “I shut ‘em down. Onyx.” I hate the fact that that rhyme is still in there. To be honest, that flow, you can trace it back to like…I trace it back to Big Sean (artist on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music). That’s the first guy I heard utilize that flow throughout the duration of a verse. I’ll give him that credit. I think Kanye got it from him. Me and Wayne found a dope way to do it. I don’t want to sound cocky, but the best way its been used was on “Forever.” Those lines just all individually make so much sense. They’re all punchlines. Then a bunch of rappers started doing it and using the most terrible references in the world. I don’t want to offend somebody…I hate that rappers picked that flow up. I wish they had left that for people that know how to use it. [They go like] “It’s a parade! MACY’S!”

Read the Full Article here.



The Broad Street Bully takes shots at Jay-Z, Drake, & Memphis Bleek..Says "I'll Smack Drake Bitch Ass" and doesn't like how Hov talks on Light Up, I guess he feels some of the bars were it was towards him.

Beans also mentions how one thing he regrets while being on the Roc is dissing Jada.

Video: Drake - Better than good enough (MTV documentary)


EXCLUSIVE Drake Documentary  - Debuted by MTV earlier today

Continue reading this post  for two more videos.

Drake's 1st week sales | Thank Me Later

                       1 DRAKE YM/CASH MONEY/UNIV MOTOWN 462,989*

Wow........Honestly, I feel those are good numbers because of that Fact that his Album leaked TWO WEEKS before it officially came out. But still.......Weezy sold 1.5 Million Records from Carter III his 1st week during this Hip Hop Drought, So did Drake Live up to his expectations? You can answer that.

Download: Drake - Thank Me Later (Itunes)

Nike 1/2 Cent Eggplant + Cranberry - Pics (Detailed Look)


These bad boys are set to release during the 2010 Holiday! No exact release date but stay tuned for it.

Continue reading for more pics...

Vado - Polo

Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! This is what we've been waiting for right here (Slime Flu coming soon)

Download: Vado - Polo

Ron Artest - Champions


Ron Artest released this song after winning the 2010 NBA Finals..Funny part is, The song isn't bad

Download: Ron Artest - Champions

Lil Wayne - Light Up Freestyle (USTREAM RIP)

Drake jumped on Ustream tonight and played the "Light Up" Verse that Lil Wayne recited from Rikers Island over the phone. Bare in mind that this is an audio rip of a live video of them playing the phone recording, so the quality will be mediocre until Drake decides to let it go. Download: Lil Wayne - Light Up Freestyle (Ustream Rip)  

Drake confirms New Collaboration Album W/ Lil Wayne


Birdman spilled the beans to DJ Envy, who in turn asked Drake about it, and he confirmed that him and Wayne spoke about doing a Drake & Lil Wayne album when he gets out of prison (in November.)

What happened to "Can't Feel My Face"..Or "T-Wayne"..Or "Blood Brothers" lol..Let's see what happens..

Big Sean - High Rise (Prod. by Don Cannon)


Download: Big Sean - High Rise

Here's a Nice freestyle off of the upcoming G.O.O.D MUSIC artist Big Sean's Mixtape Finally FamousVol. 3 which is hosted by Don Cannon..Here's what Sean had to say about the Mixtape, Dropping this Summer, And the Album is dropping in the Fall.

i took a lot of time away from working on my mixtape to finish this album. The label wanted me to go back in heavy on it. everything is coming along smoothly…i’m gonna add a few more adjustments to the mixtape, it’s very close to being done so u can look out for it in the very near future. here’s a freestyle produced by Don Cannon (who’s hosting the tape as well)! I’ll be releasing the artwork and a couple more leaks from the Tape as well very soon…

Eminem ft. Lil Wayne - No Love

Download: Eminem ft. Lil Wayne - No Love

This is Music right here, Recovery drops June 22nd. Will he do the numbers he did last year?

iPhone 4


Look what we have here, Apple does it again..Apple's Ceo Steve Jobs presented the iPhone 4 at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference in San Fransisco, California.

Check out the difference between iPhone 4 & the old iPhone 3g:

1: Camera is upgraded to 5 Megapixels, With 5x digital zoom, And the "Illuminated Sensor" (Apple says not to call it a flash, They hate flash).

2: Front facing camera as well as a rear camera, Redesigned buttons, And according to Jobs..It's the thinnest Smartphone ever. 

3: There is 960 x 640 pixels on the 3.5 inch display which is a little less than what most Laptops have, It also video records in HD!

Find out more information about the iPhone 4 HERE.

Review: Air Jordan 9 (IX) Retro Premio BIN 23 -- White / Metallic Gold


Well um...The Air Jordan 9 (IX) Retro Premio BIN 23 released this past weekend, Reviews says that most people like them and some others don't, Well here's a review video from a great Sneaker fan by the name of JohnnyGotKick's

I'm nobody to judge but these are by-far top 10 Sneakers Jordan's of all time...........

Relationships: Vol. 1

Controlling feelings. . . . .

What is a person to do when his/her Lover doesn't answer the Phone? Force they self to believe their Lover is sleep? Or let the paranoid thoughts run through their brain and go CRAZY? In this new age of growing up in Harlem we call this a "Curve"....We do it to people but HATE it when it's done to us, Karma is really a b*tch. Why would the person who isn't picking up the phone do dirt during the relationship when they could easily leave the other person and do whatever they want without hurting anybody's feelings. Is that Love? NO, I don't think so.

I really find it Shameful how a person could risk his/her relationship over sex.

Erykah Badu's VIBE Cover (June/July)


Erykah Badu? Sex Appeal? Wow...I guess my fantasies did come True

But uhhhhhh read the article here.

Gossip: Truth or Lies?

Depressing Gossipers. . . .

 They say Misery Loves Company..Is that why people gossip so the listeners could make them feel like that their friends when the listener just want the info? Or..Is it because the gossiper has so much negativity going on in their Lives that they throw dirt on other people names to take attention off of them? If your a Gossiper than answer my questions because I'm curious.

It's shameful how the person that Gossips to you about other people, Can go to other people and Gossip about you. WATCH THE GOSSIPERS!!!

Kobe Bryant better than Jordan? Time will tell.

If you didn't know, This is Kobe Bryant's 2nd time making a 3peat to the NBA Finals, 1st time from 00'-02' and now it went from 08'-10'......He failed to take the Championship from the Boston Celtics in 08' but now has another chance to win in 2010, you are now witnessing History.

Does skills matter? Critics always seperate Kobe Bryant from Michael Jordan because of the Championship Ring difference, Jordan has 6-Championship rings and Bryant has 4. So if Kobe Bryant make it to 7 will he be better than Michael Jordan?

Keep up with the NBA Finals 10': Lakers vs. Boston Celtics

Kanye West ft. Rick Ross - Monster (Snippet)

Kanye West feat. Rick Ross - Monster (Snippets)

Off the Evil Empire - Trending Topics 4..Tags says 'Kanye West ft. Rick Ross' but is most likely Ricky's song and will appear on Teflon Don

Drake speaks on Album leaks & Musical Inspirations


the.Life Files caught up with Drake and interviewed him after a listening session for Thank Me Later in New York.

Drake says "We're good over here" and that he's not sweating the leaks.

Jay-Z ft. Swizz Beatz - Ultra (DJ Tags)

Jay-Z ft. Swizz Beatz - Ultra (DJ Tags)

“Fuck the DA, the mayor know me, the big guy in D.C. got a favor for me”

Now that's what I call Illuminati Boss talk.

Kanye West - Power (Mixed & Mastered)


Kanye West - Power (Mixed & Mastered)

Kanye West posted this himself along with the Artwork on his new site.

He's the Greatest, But i'll let you be the Judge of that.

Kingston Wars (Via Caribbean360)


KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday June 2, 2010 – An all out assault has been declared on criminal gangs in Jamaica.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding put criminals on warning in an address to Parliament yesterday evening when he made it clear that the operation sparked by the attempt to capture wanted man Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was just the beginning.

“The operation carried out in West Kingston involves more than an effort to execute a warrant of arrest on Christopher Coke. That may have been the catalyst but it is more than that. It is the beginning of a concerted effort to dismantle the aggressive criminal networks that have embedded themselves in communities in many urban areas and even in some rural communities,” Golding said.

“It is a campaign that will be sustained and intensified. It is a campaign that will target criminal gangs wherever they exist, irrespective of their political alliances or whether they have any such alliances.”

He added that there was credible information that the crime bosses and their followers, in West Kingston and elsewhere, were perhaps, for the first time, shaken.

“They must not be allowed to return to complacency. This effort must be sustained. It may be a long haul but there must be no letting up,” Golding declared.

West Kingston operation was turning point

The Prime Minister said that as painful as last week’s operation in West Kingston had been, it marked a turning point and “the prospect of a new era of re-socialization and re-integration of the communities of West Kingston”.

He said this would require considerable effort and goodwill, the support of state agencies, private sector, church community and non-governmental organisations.

From today, the Golding administration will be seeking parliamentary approval for six anti-crime Bills. Anti-gang measures to be part of a new Organized Crime Act, DNA legislation, amendment to the Evidence Act and Jury Act and the provision of limited statutory powers to members of the Jamaica Defence Force are additional measures to be taken to the House.

But the Prime Minister contended that rooting out criminal networks and changing the culture of garrison politics cannot be achieved purely by law enforcement efforts.

He said that must be accompanied by a programme of transformation “to fill the space now occupied by dons and crime practitioners, to provide for the people in these vulnerable communities a new pathway of hope and opportunity”.

State must assert authority

The Jamaican leader said the State must reassert both its authority and responsibility in those communities.

Golding said that the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) is spearheading the development of a programme to support that effort.

“It is a cross-cutting, multi-agency approach. The team has prepared a broad framework which was outlined to me yesterday (Monday) and is being further developed and refined as a matter of urgency. We hope to engage the private sector and NGOs as partners in this endeavour,” he told Parliament. “It will require resources far beyond those that are currently available.”

Golding said he had also met with representatives of multilateral and bilateral agencies to enlist their support. He said he was extremely encouraged by their response and indicated that submissions are being prepared for their consideration.

The joint police/military operation that followed the declaration of a state of emergency in Kingston and St Andrew on Sunday, May 23rd resulted in several casualties. At the end of an intense gun battle between the security forces and criminal elements, one soldier had been killed and 30 others injured and the bodies of 73 civilians were recovered. A total of 47 guns and over 10,000 rounds of ammunition have so far been seized.

The process of identifying persons who were killed during the operation will begin today. Photographs of the deceased will be displayed at the Tivoli Gardens Community Centre and relatives and friends will also be able to view images on computers provided by the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Living Life.

I'll start this by saying...Most things that happen to us as Human Beings whether Good or Bad we put on our selves. One thing I can't stand is a person who blames the outcome of their Life on how cruel the World is, Don't get me wrong it's a Cold World but there is ways to beat it. 1st off, Times waits for NOBODY so to sit around and worry about another Persons Life isn't Good for your own Life (Only worry about yourself). 2nd, You might not like to hear it but there is no Life without Money..So regardless of how you have to get it, GET IT (Put your Pride to the side for awhile). 3rd, Be who you are..Don't try to impersonate somebody else because deep down inside you know that isn't who you really are and behind close doors it will haunt you (Don't be afraid to show who you really are).
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